Reality is Virtual

For Science Teachers

As teachers of Science you know that Physics is more than just fun, Physics it is amazing. It explains the world around us, from the subatomic world to the cosmos. Physics is the Big-Bang; Physics is lasers, telescopes, electricity and magnetism. Physics is the scientific basis for the technology in our world.

But how do we spread our excitement for Physics to our students? Our students use computers for schoolwork, play and socializing. Computer technology is integral to the experience of our students. Today, computer games are so realistic that they mimic everyday experience. One often repeated question is: "How do you know that the Universe we are in is NOT a computer game?"

Reality is Virtual introduces students to the most fascinating and fundamental aspects of Physics by exploring this burning question. After Reality is Virtual students will hunger to know more Physics. Below are sample topics from Part I of "Reality is Virtual".

  • Is the Universe Equivalent to a Computer Simulation?
  • Is the Universe Analog or Digital?
  • Subatomic Particles
  • The Four Forces of Nature
  • The Effect of Vector Fields on Particles
  • Particle-to-Particle Interactions
  • Tunneling to a Destination
  • Can we Simulate the Big Bang?
  • Can we Simulate Black Holes?
  • Observation Leading to a Wave Function Collapse
  • Is There a Need for Quantum Mechanics?
  • Quantum Mechanics versus General Relativity