Reality is Virtual

What is Reality is Virtual all about?

The quick answer is: The fundamental nature of Reality. While true that doesn't communicate the flavor of the book. Below is an overview of the book's three parts.

Part I - Is the Universe equivalent to a computer simulation of it? Guess what - the universe is Digital, not Analog (really - read the chapter). Once we fully understand the laws of nature we can then program a set of computers to run a simulation that is equivalent to our universe.

Let that sink in - the computer simulation will be equivalent in every way - indistinguishable in what happens and how it happens. But what about computer limitations of finite precision, finite capacity, and finite speed?

The computer limitations imply that the simulation can not allow an object to travel further than one region of space in a simulation interval (the speed of light), objects are only influenced by objects in their immediate vicinity (locality), and objects not yet observed are in an indeterminate state (like Schroedinger's Cat). Hold on - those are properties of our universe! And as it turns out a number of the wierd properties of subatomic world are required to make the simulation work on a digital computer.

The conclusion of Part I is that "Science cannot tell you if you are living in a computer simulation or not".

Part II - Considers other areas of study besides Science to determine if we are living in a Computer Simulation. Natural Philosophy, Religion, Computer Science, and the principle of Emergence are used to identify a purpose for the simulation which is our universe. The proposed purpose is compared against mankind's history.

The conclusion of Part II is that Our Universe being a computer simulation explains a lot of things - scientific and otherwise.

Part III - As our universe is a computer simulation what it is like outside of the simulation? At first it seems that it is impossible to determine much about the universe running the simulation which is our universe, but after considering the difficulties of creating a simulation of our universe some properties emerge. I won't reveal the details - but one interesting fact is that it is possible to tell the difference between a REAL UNIVERSE, a universe that is a simulation running in a REAL UNIVERSE, and a universe that is a simulation running inside a SIMULATED UNIVERSE.

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