Reality is Virtual

For Physicists

The Science in "Reality is Virtual" is consistent with our current understandings of the way the universe works. The few points that stray outside of the mainstream are given below.

  • Cosmic Inflation is not included in the logic that simulates the universe. The simulation starts right after Cosmic Inflation ends. This makes sense when you recognize that the forces and mechanisms of Cosmic Inflation are yet to be determined.
  • Black Holes are a conundrum. According to Einstein they are infinitely dense and thus destroy information. Quantum Mechanics forbids the destruction of information. The simulation logic simulates a very, very dense, but not infinitely dense, black hole.
  • The universe is equivalent to a computer simulation of it.

The last one sets off RED flags. Please consider this a 'Thought Experiment'.

In the future we fully understand all the laws of subatomic physics. We then program enough computers with the now fully understood subatomic laws and simulate a small corner of the universe. All of the things that happen in the real universe also happen in the computer simulation.

It is in this sense that the universe is equivalent to a computer simulation of it. But what about the real life limitations of digital computers, like finite precision, finite capacity, and finite speed? The amazing result is that these limitations translate into properties of our universe, some of not otherwise explained. Don't believe it? Read the book. You can e-mail the author on the home page of this web site,